– How to Login into My Pepsico Employee Portal

Do you work at PepsiCo? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you will be glad to learn that PepsiCo has a web-based HR portal, for its employees. That is a portal where all members of the PepsiCo workforce can access all work-related resources they need in one place. That, for instance, is the portal where PepsiCo associates can get to view their paystubs at anytime, and from pretty much anywhere. It is also the portal where the PepsiCo associates can access and, (if necessary) update their benefits information. Further, through the PepsiCo HR portal, PepsiCo associates can access information on their work schedules, training resources and company news. The portal in question is sometimes referred to as the ‘MyPepsiCo’ portal.

How to access the PepsiCo employees’ portal

The PepsiCo employees’ portal is accessible at So that is the web address/URL you need to use, to get to the PepsiCo associates’ portal. It is just a question of launching your browser application, clicking on the browser’s address bar, and then typing in the address ( into the address bar. The browser should then transfer you, from the webpage you currently are at, to the PepsiCo HR portal.

How to log into the PepsiCo employees’ portal

Before you can use any resource on the PepsiCo employees’ portal, you have to log in first. Logging in is just a matter of entering your user ID and password, and then clicking on a ‘Log In’ button.

But what if it is the first time you are trying to use the PepsiCo employees’ portal? How do you get to set up a password? Well, in that case, click on the ‘First Time User?’ link (it is below the ‘Log In’ button). You will then be taken through the motions of registering/setting up a password. You will only need to enter your Pepsico Global Personal ID (GPID) — the one you normally use at work — to initiate that process.

Things you can do on the PepsiCo employees’ portal

Some of the specific things you can do on the PepsiCo associates’ portal/MyPepsiCo portal include:

  1. Viewing your PepsiCo paystubs
  2. Viewing your PepsiCo benefits information
  3. Updating your PepsiCo benefits information
  4. Viewing company news
  5. Accessing training/productivity resources
  6. Viewing your work schedule information

How to access resources on the PepsiCo employees’ portal

There are self-explanatory links and menus you can click on, to navigate around the MyPepsiCo portal, and ultimately access the resources you need there. So you just have to go to the portal, by entering the portal’s address/URL ( into your browser and then log in.

Once you are logged into the portal, you will find links/menus you can use to navigate around the portal, and access the specific resources you need. Most of the resources you need on a day to day basis are likely to be found under the ‘Services’ or ‘MySAP’ or ‘Benefits and Careers’ main menu items. You may, for instance, click on the ‘Benefits and Careers’ main menu item, if you wish to view or update your PepsiCo employee benefits details.